Church Event Details Form

for Media Team

The Media Team’s heart is to make Jesus Christ known by creating consistent graphics & copy for Creation Church-sponsored events. Media Team will be confirming all events that we need to promote, with Bernie and Gale. We won’t start creating anything without their communication to us via email/phone/text/media meeting. Please feel free to email if you have any questions!


Preferably, the official title of the event. If you're not sure and would like some suggestions please indicate this here.
Event Contact Person *
Event Contact Person
Phone Number of Event's Main Contact Person *
Phone Number of Event's Main Contact Person
Can Main Contact receive event questions from attendees via text msg? *
Please include the day of the week, as well as the actual date, and time!
Don't worry about grammar, spelling, no need for elegant writing here (unless you want to!), we can create the summary as well. If you were to tell somebody about the event, what would you say? Tell us the perks, things to bring, schedule, carpooling, food, etc. Also any information to include in the bulletin. *Is there a cost? *Any deadlines to RSVP, register, or etc? *What you'd like on the Signup Sheet for Welcome Center (if needed)
Things You Need for Media Team to Create:
We will create a graphic that will be posted on Facebook, our Website, and church slide. If it is a one-time event (as opposed to a recurring study) then Tim or Laura will create an Event on our Facebook Page.