Come as you are! Sports team shirt, or Sunday Best.

When you thirst for something new, Jesus Christ is new life. EVERY DAY! 

What are our Sunday church services like? First of all, we want to worship Jesus in authenticity. Most of the time, we have rock-style worship, with popular worship songs. You can sit or stand, whatever you want!

Sermons are about 30 minutes, and focused on the gospel and biblical truths. You can bring your bible or your smartphone. We also show scripture verses up front on the screen. 

We won't judge you on what you wear! Pastor Bernie has even preached in his favorite sports team shirt, and with a fancy suit and tie. We are a mix of casual attire and Sunday dress. Come as you are!

We livestream our Sunday service to our Facebook page every Sunday so you can be a part of our family even if you can't make it that morning!

Our Vision/Mission: 

To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating environments where people are encouraged and equipped to pursue a loving relationship with God, have fellowship and community within, and influence without.


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